The DMax system allows for the recycling and beneficial reuse of materials from a variety of waste streams and in particular sludges from digesters and lagoons by separating the sands, grits and plastics from the final dewatered cake. It is proven to deliver an 80% reduction in waste to landfill volumes in applications at municipal waste water treatment works in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Digester Cleaning

Conhur has successfully emptied and cleaned more than 40 digesters in Australia and New Zealand.

Conhur has developed specific pumping and recirculation plant for the emptying of digesters. Conhur has long term contracts for the emptying and cleaning of digesters for large municipal clients

We have a proven system of uplifting and removing the material contained in digesters including rag, fat, mat and grits. The plant is diesel powered and purpose built to deal with the sludge and contaminants found in digesters.

Conhur has well developed, safe practices; and trained staff for emptying and cleaning of municipal and enterprise wastewater treatment plant digesters, a  potentially hazardous environment.